Brokering Services

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C & W Direct offers a comprehensive brokering service that will fully represent your product. Product Branding, Marketing, Product Positioning and Aggressive Sales Efforts are all part of the C & W experience.

  • Full Product Representation!
  • Branding, Marketing, Positioning and Sales!
  • 35 Years of Experience!

Category Focus

C&W specializes in Organic and Natural Foods, Natural Supplements, Gourmet Products and Natural Health & Beauty Aids. With our comprehensive service we offer a diversified program that will introduce your products to several sales channels – broadening your products exposure.

  • Natural and Organic Foods
  • Natural Specialty Supplements
  • High-End Gourmett Products
  • Natural Health & Beauty Aids

Unique Partnership

C&W will maintain a focused approach by appointing a dedicated team to your products. This focus enables the team to nurture your product from infancy to maturity. Through proven marketing and sales tactics, special promotions, in store samplings and aggressive follow up, your product will be developed carefully and successfully.  It will never be one of thousands lost in a thick catalog.

  • Your Product Will Be Treated As If It Were Our Own!
  • Your Product Will Never Be One Of 1000′s In A Catalog!
  • Your Product Will be Developed By A Dedicated Team!

Cost Effective

C & W has joined forces with two very unique companies. Moskowitz Jacobs – and Seymour PR.

Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. – Lead by the marketing Guru Dr. Howard Moskowitz will offer you his original marketing science. There are no official competitors to this genious, it his own findings that will earn him a Noble Prize! His proven system will find the customer for your product, tell you how to improve your product to meet client expectations.

As shareholders Moskowitz Jacobs offers their professional services at cost; relying soley on the C & W sales system as their source of revenue.

In addition, Seymour PR lead by Ilya will offer marketing campaigns including press releases and creative ideas to bring your product to the kitchen tables of millions of potential customers! As a partner of ours Seymour PR offers their services at deep discounted prices to ensure you receive the best marketing solutions available for a fraction of the cost by joining our team!

  • Marketing By The Best for the Cost of Services!
  • Dr. Howard J Moskowitz Will Detect The Best Client For Your Product…
  • Press Releases, Radio and TV shows – Featuring You!

Our Specialty

We specialize in two specific areas: Introducing new and unique products to the market; utilizing our partners services – Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.

For those manufacturers who require a lot of attention to help build their brand must work with C&W Direct.

Any product that hasn’t met manufacturer expectations needs our expert assistance.

  • New Product Introduction!
  • New Product Branding!
  • Capture Customer Attention!
  • Acquire a partner not only a sales team!

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