Exporting Guidelines

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We at C&W Direct are dedicated to making the importing of kosher U.S. products as seamless as possible.  Our exporting service offerings are a work in progress and will increase exponentially over the course of this year.

C&W is currently focused on providing you with…

  • Importing regulations per country – We guarantee all products, paper work and packing requirements will meet the guidelines of your country.   C&W is prepared to take on the responsibility for any expense incurred do to one of these requirements not being met.
  • The Consolidation of all products
  • Shipping via a preferred freight forwarder**
  • Estimated Freight Rates***


Currently, C&W is not equipped to provide information or guidance in regards to the receiving brokers and their practices in other countries outside of the U.S.   All regulations and guidelines are public information from the USDA and the U.S. Embassies per country.  These regulations do not mean the meat and dairy companies we represent currently hold the licenses to sell your country.  The approval process requires a significant fee for each of these vendors.   Therefore if they haven’t shipped to your country to date they will only apply for the approval to sell when there is a viable customer on hand.  The approval process takes anywhere from a month to a year depending on the USDA’s response time. Any delay of time in regards to approval will have nothing to do with C&W or the vendors we represent.  

Please click on the country of interest and review the regulations and guidelines for your country*.

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                        Norway Button  Finland Button  Morocco Sweden Butt



 *If your country is not found on this list it is not complete proof that it is not a viable candidate.  Our list is a work in progress and on its way to completion.  Therefore please contact us to confirm the status of your country…

**CFI (Commodity Forwarders Inc.) specialize in international perishable product shipping.

***All freight rates are best estimates; final costs are subject to change due to order size, airline rate changes and several other factors.


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