Freight Rates




These rates include all costs until your lands in your country including:

  • All documents
  • Loading labor
  • Screening
  • Transferring to airport
  • Refrigerant
  • Insulation
  • Airfreight
  • Fuel
  • Security.


Freigth Rates Snipped

Below is information about some of the shipping options the price of shipping may increase or decrease depneding on shipment size:


 Using this container, we can tender up to 3,500lbs to the airlines. This includes refrigerant and packing materials as well. All of these weights are contingent on your actual dimensions at the time of shipping.

  • Frozen– 2,900lbs of product- 500-600lbs of dry ice
  • Chilled– 3,000ls of product- 400-500lbs of gel packs.
  • Dry– 3500lbs of product

 Skid-Wrap/ Loose

This is another option for your size of shipments. This method is completely dependent on the height of your shipment. If the product requires refrigerant, we would add it to the top of the containers and then wrap the entire shipment with thermo liner.

  • Frozen and chilled = Under 60” tall. Weight is less of a factor
  • Dry = Under 64” tall. Weight is less of a factor.


This would be used for larger shipments. This is very similar to the LD3 but a much larger capacity. We can hold up to 10,000 lbs. in total weight in an LD7. The product weight is completely dependent on the actual dimensions at the time of shipping.

  • Frozen- 9,000lbs of product with 1,000lbs of dry ice
  • Chilled- 9,400lbs of product with 600lbs of gel packs
  • Dry- 10,000lbs product







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