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We are a professional fulfillment and kitting center that bundles any set of items into any form of packaging you desire.  From the most professional gift display to something as simple as filling a brown box with a bunch of snacks – we can do it!

  • We work with food and non-food products.
  • We have years of experience designing and packaging gift basket enabling us to offer creative ideas.
  • Being consolidators and distributors we hold 35 years of experience in procurement practices and will be able to help you source your products and packaging – saving you time and money.
  • If you prefer, you may purchase the items on your own and have them shipped to our packing center.  We will bundle them as you please, ship them in your name and add the proper messaging to each package.

How can you benefit from our service? We can make…

  • Gifts for your clients.
  • Gifts for your employees.
  • New employee orientation packets.
  • New product introduction packets.
  • Sales packets
  • Promotional packets
  • Re-label or label items.
  • Gift wrap items.
  • Hospitals order special packages for new mothers offering – tooth brush, tooth paste, tissues, wash clothes and more.
  • Law Firms give special packages for all of there new lawyers taking the LSATs.

Whatever you can imagine we can make!

Contact our corporate service team to discuss your needs today!

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