Glenn Cohn – President,

Cheif Operation Officer

With 35 years in wholesale

distribution in the food

Industry Glenn

management team


Glenn Cohn –  Founder and President

Glenn started this company over 35 years ago and developed it into a multifaceted food service organization. From the moment the company was launched Glenn was loved by all and well respected due to his professional style and friendly personality.  He is seasoned professional and dedicated to providing the absolute best in service and product as he has proven to do throughout his many years in the food industry.


 Michael Wosk – V.P. and Chief Strategy Officer

With over 15 years of Business Development, and R&D experience, Michael is committed and focused to ensuring customer satisfaction at C&W Direct.


 Asher Cohn – V.P. of Sales

Ash has become a professional leader of sales procedures and product procurement.  With a unique dedication to the food industry and a creative perception, Ash brings fresh vitality to the C&W team.

Daniel Moskowitz – Chief Marketing Officer

Dan has over 15 years of marketing consulting experience for fortune 100 companies, with 100’s of engagements on top brands. He has started several companies over the last 5 years proving to better company products and services all for the sake of the pleasing customers.

In 2012 Dan joined C & W Direct and has already helped develop each of the different business initiatives in a way that makes services better for our clients.

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