Our Specialty




We Work For You !

In addition to our huge selection of product offerings we are also willing to search for the products you desire (that are not in our master product list).  How many distributors will spend time searching the streets for the things you want that they don’t currently carry? Almost None!

Not only will we search for you, but we’re the best at it! We are committed, dedicated, and practically speaking very capable of doing it for you.  We are in touch with so many vendors from across so many parts of the food industry and non-food industry that we usually find what your looking for and when you need it – as we have done for Staples Company on many occasions.

You Get What You Ask For!

On many occasions major vendors we all know are “suddenly” out of stock of a product you need.  However when it comes to C&W if you asked for it we will find it – if it exists on earth!  This dedication is worth more then anything to many customers especially during tough seasons like Passover, or when your located on the other side of the world and simply have no access to the products your community loves.


Contact our corporate service team today to learn more about the opportunities that pertain to you!

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