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For over 35 years we have provided all types of organizations with a wide variety of hamentaschen, snacks, drinks, chocolates, candies etc. as well as pre-designed gift baskets for Purim Shalach Manot.

You may…

  • Create your own Shalach Manot by choosing from our huge selection of loose hamentaschen, snacks etc.!
  • Choose from our beautiful pre-designed Purim gift baskets!
  • Choose from our convenient dried fruit and nut trays!

We also provide custom Purim services to help you make your Shalach Manot.  You tell us the theme of your choice and we will find you the best items to bring your Purim theme to life!

Please feel free to email or call us with any question or concerns you may have and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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