Unique Position

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The power of 5

The common denominators between all 5 of our services are:

  • Each service shares similar product vendors.
  • Each service shares similar procurement practices.
  • Each service shares similar packing procedures.
  • Each service shares similar shipping practices.
  • Each service directs us to new client markets – Hotels, Retail Stores, Lawyers etc.

Each of these similarities arms us with excellent buying power (decreasing your bottom line), up to date product knowledge, a very well trained shipping staff, and a creative marketing & sales team. Whether we’re servicing you with product or selling your product for you, you may rest assured that you will benefit greatly from our unique position.

  • Unique Product Knowledge!
  • Unique Product Selection!
  • Unique Sales Knowledge!
  • Unique Marketing Position!
  • Unique Shipping & Logistics Department!

Contact our corporate service team today to learn more about the opportunities that pertain to you!





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